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"H", London

Binny was a skinny little ginger cat with beautiful brilliant green eyes. She had been living most of her life in the garden of a house, and the people who looked after her and fed her, brought her into the rescue centre where I worked, as she had not been eating and was just getting thinner and thinner. She was old and her kidneys were failing. She hadn’t long to live and although the clinic have a non-termination policy it was decided that Binny should perhaps be helped on her way.

It would only be a matter of a few months anyways, and for her to spend this time in a cage in the hospital was not much fun. I decided to ask Bill for healing for her. If it really was her time to go, fair enough, but if she could have a little more time, maybe find a nice home for her last few months, as least, this would be wonderful.

Shortly after bill commenced healing a bout of flu struck the clinic. Binny was removed to a house full of cats plus garden for her safety. Quite suddenly, she roared into life again. She bossed all the other cats in the house, spent most of her time climbing trees and dashing around the garden and lived another full and glorious year before finally crashing out completely and irretrievably. I know that this year was given thanks to Bill’s prayers. We shall never forget her.

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