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"E.P", Liverpool

Four years ago my husband died of cancer. Two years after this I was diagnosed with cancer. I was told that chemotherapy had only a 10% chance of working. I did not really want chemotherapy so I went to a doctor in Brighton who specialised in treating cancer with alternative therapies. Diet, herbs and vitimins were prescribed. I was also advised to join a healing circle and have spiritual healing. I did not know of a healing circle, so when I saw Bill’s article, I decided to ask him if he would kindly send me spiritual healing.

I sent a photograph of myself, told Bill the trouble and he started the healing. I know the healing was doing me good so much so that I discontinued it as I felt so much better. My doctor suggested I come off tranquilisers she had prescribed but unfortunately the withdrawal symptoms were very bad. I again contacted Bill and once again asked if he would send me distant healing. Bill is still doing this for me and I very much appreciate it. He has also sent some clear quartz which I keep by my bedside knowing its qualities are helping me.

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